DevEx: easy to define, but hard to get right.
Also: "once you've trained in accountancy, it seems like the only job"
Also, vacation considered incompatible with productivity
Focus on improving what you're currently doing a lot more than transforming to something totally new. Or, don't get dangerously excited about AI, public…
(probably not 100 million)
Developers don't want you shifting left all over them.
Also, links and weird quips found in the wild.
Well, the deployment frequencies have stalled out at 50% of people deploying monthly or less.'s hard to tell from the charts.
Two new Gartner and Forrester reports add to the platform engineering stew
Rude, or (r)evolutionary? Plus, two podcasts, the cost of a 4.5% savings account, and some links.
Plus: catsup chips, would you eat them again?
Platform engineers don't have time for infrastructureWatch now (2 mins) | Who has the time for CaaS and IaaS? Also, recent links and quirky quotes, and a couple KubeCon parties I'm going to, so far.