Knowing when not to be candid; digging out of tech debt; cloud costs; lots of links.
You should probably cut the first five slides of your deck
Presentation advice doesn't work with most talks you'll give. Also, links and weird stuff, per usual.
From the ChatGPT wastebook
American Expat Haul
In the DevOps, cloud, platform world we're told that operations people starting working closely with developers. I've been asked "O RLY?" several times…
5 test taking tips. Also, now no need to hand over your email to get this free book I co-wrote on application modernization.
A inscrutable film professor and forgetting work
If you see a ranking chart where the difference between the top choice and the bottom choice is 10% to 15%, tread carefully.
This is the first episode of $cashed_out. I don't really know what I'm doing here, so bear with me.
Solving the IT silo problem is challenging due to the lack of a single responsible authority, requiring several approaches and acceptance of the…