These are my drafts, mostly unedited from since last time. Also, shameless self-promotion and links to things I've found: a waste book, a common place book, a digital wunderkammer.

Several times a week, I clean out my notebook and my head. This means a few thoughts, occasionally a long essay, and always some links and fun phrases and ideas I’ve collected since last episode.

I work in tech, so there’s a lot about what’s happening with software developers and people who run computers, for example, finally getting back to developers after seven years of container fun or The Eternal Recurrence of DevOps.

But, there’s plenty of just normal, real life stuff like the eternal struggle to get kids to school or what America looks like to expat eyes.

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About Coté

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My standard bio:

Michael Coté studies how large organizations get better at building software to run better and grow their business. His books Changing MindsetsMonolithic Transformation, and The Business Bottleneck cover these topics. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, done corporate strategy and M&A, and was a programmer. He also co-hosts several podcasts, including Software Defined Talk. Cf., and is @cote in Twitter.

Here’s a little bit more about me.

And now, explore the mystery of Nutella breakfast tacos:

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