Multi-cloud, lock-in, and other normal people problems
Predictions on the future of Kubernetes: it'll be mostly in public cloud, hidden from developers.
Kubernetes benefits for developers, operations, and the business from our recent survey
Also, the smells of platform engineering and frozen pizza.
A tech marketing anti-pattern: "you don't realize this yet, but what you want is very complex!"
Multi-cloud for flexibility, sovereign cloud, and because it’s there. Also, Software Defined Talk from KubeCon EU, & some links.
Ranking: Amazon, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, Google, Rancher, IBM. Steady VMware and Red Hat growth over the past 4 years.
As developers manage kubernetes less, their productivity goes up, from the State of Kubernetes 2023 SurveyWatch now (2 min) | Self managing and building Kubernetes on their own went from 28% in 2020 to 16% in 2023 in the survey
Plus, plenty of links and quirky quotes, and a stoked three year old.
The snow globe is shook, 3 major problems are solved, & now it's back to developers. Plus, reconsidering potatoes in omelettes, the lifespan of S&P 500…