Also, fun finds, comments on Dell and developers, and the three talks I'll be doing at VMware Explore Europe
If you're "enterprise grade," you probably have a lot of everything, whether you want it or not.
Also, some links and fun finds.
84 pages of Kubernetes analysis, plus links, and peeing in cups.
Also, links and other fun finds.
...but it's great for enterprise software marketing and sales
Also, what replaces the relaxing pleasure of The Smoke Break? Struggling to work from home, and links and quips.
Focus on improving what you're currently doing a lot more than transforming to something totally new. Or, don't get dangerously excited about AI, public…
Multi-cloud, lock-in, and other normal people problems
Predictions on the future of Kubernetes: it'll be mostly in public cloud, hidden from developers.
Kubernetes benefits for developers, operations, and the business from our recent survey
Also, the smells of platform engineering and frozen pizza.