Also: we get it, Google has great internal tools, and, family cable management.
Also, what replaces the relaxing pleasure of The Smoke Break? Struggling to work from home, and links and quips.
Also, links on leadership taking ownership instead of passing the buck, late 80s cornball music video hosting, and the dangers of banking as a service…
Also, the first Pizza Hut commercial, tons of links, and air gap Kubernetes management.
Focus on improving what you're currently doing a lot more than transforming to something totally new. Or, don't get dangerously excited about AI, public…
(probably not 100 million)
Developers don't want you shifting left all over them.
10 years of "70% of workloads will be in public cloud in three years"
In which I try to figure out what the RHEL drama is about, like, operationally.
Well, the deployment frequencies have stalled out at 50% of people deploying monthly or less.'s hard to tell from the charts.
Also, the smells of platform engineering and frozen pizza.
From software to meatwareWatch now (5 mins) | Using event storming, the Swift method, and Extreme Programming to modernize mainframe applications. Discovering the real…