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As developers manage kubernetes less, their productivity goes up, from the State of Kubernetes 2023 Survey

Self managing and building Kubernetes on their own went from 28% in 2020 to 16% in 2023 in the survey

Developers using kubernetes are seeing a steady growth in benefits as represented by shortening release cycles. 60% of respondents say that their developers are more productive with kubernetes. That's according to the VMware State of Kubernetes 2023 survey. Check out the full survey for the full findings, including more on the operational benefits and challenges, security needs and considerations, and multi-cloud usage and motivation.

You can watch the video in YouTube as well, for whatever reason.

And, here’s an excerpt from my upcoming blog post on the benefits organizations are seeing from Kubernetes:

I'm hopeful that [the developer productivity] numbers will keep going in the right direction because of another change in survey answers: there's been a 10% drop in developers owning and managing Kubernetes:

While Kubernetes wasn't really intended for, nor built for developers, developers were and are one of the groups of people who use it directly and have driven a huge amount of its success. Developers can't help themselves when it comes to king making

However, as we've heard for many years and as seen in the charts, developers aren't the group you really want owning and managing Kubernetes. This trend of developers moving away from owning kubernetes is great. 

Equally encouraging to see the trend of organizations moving from building and managing their own, DIY Kubernetes to commercial distros or managed Kubernetes in the cloud: people building Kubernetes on their own went from 28% in 2020 to 16% in 2023, according to the survey.

This is the most beneficial finding in the survey for developers this year: developers are getting more and more time to spend on what they like and are good at, writing software.

Belgian VMUG UserCon 2023

I’m giving the opening talk at the VMUG Belgium, on June 1st. It’s in Brussels, which always a nice place to be. It seems like it’s free, so of course you should come in you’re in the neighborhood. There’ll be a wide range of talk from traditional VMware topics to whacky cloud native ones.


That’s it for today, back tomorrow with a piece I’m writing that’s all like “Bluesky? But I just Mastodon’ed?!”

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